Your Guide to Under-the-Bed Storage

If you’ve got a small bedroom or simply too many belongings creating a need for more storage space, then you might have to get creative to maximize all of the space you have available. Things like utilizing vertical space can help you fit more in, but there’s another simple solution for tucking more things away tidily in your bedroom. You just have to look under your bed.

Under-the-bed storage ideas

There are two main options for utilizing under-the-bed storage. The first is to have a regular bed with empty space beneath it, and using that space to store things – sliding items underneath your bed to tidy them away. The other is to buy a bed with storage built in underneath it – drawers that slide out or an ottoman bed that lifts up to reveal a storage space underneath.

The second one is typically a more convenient and efficient way to utilize under-the-bed storage, but may add an extra expense if you don’t already have a bed like this. The empty space under your bed can still be great for storing things, but the space is likely to gather dust and you will have to kneel down to reach underneath for the things you need.

What to store under your bed

So, what’s most convenient to store under your bed? You might not want to store your everyday clothes under there that you want to access on a regular basis, but it could be a good place for seasonal clothes that you won’t need for a few months. Bedding such as sheets and blankets is an obvious option. They can take up a lot of space in your closet and are convenient to get to when making your bed if they’re stored right underneath it.

If you have a guest bedroom with storage underneath the bed, then you could use this space for storing spare essentials that your guests might need, like bedding and towels, making it easy for you to set up the room in preparation of a guest arriving.

Under your bed can also be a great place for all the odds and ends that you don’t need access to on a regular basis, particularly larger items. Or you can store sentimental things that you want to keep safe but don’t look at regularly, such as photo albums or your kids’ old school reports.

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