Custom Bathrooms

When someone is ready to start remodeling, no less thought should be given to bathroom cabinetry compared to kitchen cabinetry. With your precious space sometimes measured in inches, it is important to account for each function and, most of all, your comfort. Bathroom space is generally minimal, and when you are sharing with your family or partner, your bathroom cabinet space becomes even more precious.

Though most families spend less time in this room compared to the kitchen (not counting those of us with teenage daughters!), it is important that your bathroom cabinet design fits your lifestyle and needs, as well as ensuring the design is appropriate to your home. Different individuals and families will require different things from their bathroom cabinetry, and it is hugely beneficial if your bathroom is creatively constructed to accommodate any challenges. Approaching bathroom cabinet design with the same skills applied to a custom kitchen, our designers can provide practical solutions for your bath area, large or small.

This includes helping our customers to be able to express the “real you” in this sanctuary. We will ensure the area you use to pamper and prep yourself features the functionality and space that you need, with the right furnishings in solid wood, and maintenance-free fixtures for your convenience. Make an investment in your home and in your lifestyle. Our professionals will help you from start to finish. Bathroom cabinets, countertops, sinks, floors, and wall tiles are just a few of the many upgrades that we can handle for you. We go out of our way to make the bathroom remodeling process quick and painless.


Your bathroom cabinets can be used to accommodate a lot of things, like toiletries, medication and first aid, accessories, towels, and more. We’ll design your bathroom cabinetry with this in mind, so that the storage space we create suits your needs perfectly. When it comes to style, we’ll help you choose the design and materials that produce the effect you’re looking for in your bathroom.

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Tall Storage

Need more bathroom storage? We can create tall cabinets that will not only look elegant, but store anything you don’t have room for. This can be a great way to store things away tidily, so that your bathroom sink isn’t surrounded by clutter. Tall storage can be designed to suit the room, so that it does not impinge on your space or comfort, and looks right at home.