Storing Items That You Don’t Use Often

No matter how comprehensive and well-organized your home storage solutions are, there are always things that seem to get in the way and take up unnecessary space. I’m talking about seasonal items that only come out of the closet for a short period each year or other items that don’t get much use. If you want to free your everyday storage spaces of these things, here are some tips for the best ways to store them efficiently.


The garage often becomes the dumping ground of these kinds of items, left to clutter up the space and never see the light of day. But the garage can be an effective solution for storing seasonal items while still keeping them in good condition. Utilizing vertical space in your garage through hooks or pegboards allows you to store much more without taking up lots of floor space, and there’s the option of storage racks beneath the ceiling of your garage.

You should choose carefully when deciding what to store in your garage, however, or at least make sure they are stored properly. Fabrics, for example, can become damp and start to develop mold in these damp conditions, and they can also attract pests looking for nesting materials. Cardboard boxes are also prone to pest and water damage, so it’s better to use well-sealed plastic containers instead.


If your home has attic or basement space, then this can also be used for storage that you don’t need to access often. But similar advice applies here as it does to garage storage, since attics and basements also tend to be dark, damp spaces that attract pests and mold growth. Ensuring the space is properly ventilated and insulated can help to keep your stored items in better condition.


If you’ve simply got too much stuff to store in your home and garage, then self-storage units are another option. This allows you to rent out a space of varying sizes, from the size of a closet to the size of a large room. This is a good option for storing larger items such as furniture or fitness equipment, or for storing large amounts of items that you don’t have space for at home, such as a whole seasonal wardrobe.

Upgrade your home storage

If your storage needs aren’t too big, then simply upgrading your home storage systems could provide you with enough space for storing those seasonal items away safely for several months. At The Kitchen Center, we design custom storage solutions to meet your needs in various rooms of the house and the garage.

From walk-in closets to pantries and garage storage, contact The Kitchen Center if your home storage needs an upgrade or a revamp around Winston Salem, NC.