Designing A Minimalist Kitchen

Trends come and go in home design. One current trend that embodies contemporary design is minimalism. This is characterized by simplicity, a lack of clutter, and clean lines. If you think minimalism is the way to go for your kitchen remodel, then read on for some ideas on how to create a minimalist kitchen.

Plain colors

For the most part, solid colors are used in the design of minimalist kitchens over patterned stone and other materials. There may be a single exception in the room, used as the key focal point that grabs the eye. A kitchen island with patterned granite may be used, for example. Other than this, solid colors like black, white, and gray are common.

Clean, sharp lines

The lines of each element in a minimalist kitchen are typically straight and square. No curves or unusual shapes. Square and rectangular shapes are used with straight lines and right angles adding definition to them.

Concealed details

Small details like the hinges and handles of your kitchen cabinets are typically hidden or built into the design so that they’re not visible. Handles can be indented into cabinet doors rather than having metal hardware sticking out of them. Storage is also typically concealed, rather than open shelving or wall racks.

Natural light

Large windows that let in lots of natural light lend themselves to minimalism. They help to brighten up the room and accentuate the crisp, clean design of the design.

Avoid the clutter

Minimalism isn’t just about the initial design of a room but also about how you use it. Minimalist kitchens will not have lots of clutter like appliances and utensils on the worktops. So, efficient storage solutions are a key factor in minimalist design. Kitchen cabinets and drawers need to be able to hide everything away while still making it easily accessible.

Add character

When executed poorly, a minimalist design can end up being too plain and lacking character. There are lots of different ways you can inject some character into the space, especially if you’ve pared back on clutter in the room as a whole. A strong focal point adds interest to the room, or you could add character with a statement art piece on the wall, or with an interesting house plant in a minimalist vase.

If you need ideas or support when designing your minimalist kitchen, contact The Kitchen Center in Winston Salem, NC. We can create the perfect cabinet system for your kitchen, allowing you to keep the space clutter-free and beautifully simple.