Your Guide to Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinetry is one element of your kitchen that contributes greatly to both the appearance and functionality of the room. They cover a lot of real estate in the kitchen, so you want them to look good. But you also need to make sure that they open smoothly and are positioned in logical ways.

With lots of factors to consider, we’ve got a brief guide to help you choose the right kitchen cabinets for your home.

The material

The majority of kitchen cabinets are made from wood, but there are lots of different materials to choose from. MDF and plywood are common choices for durable and affordable cabinets. Solid wood may also be used as a higher quality choice, but will also come at a slightly higher cost. Bamboo is another popular choice for its eco-friendliness.

Cabinet door style

Next up is the kind of door profile you want. Think about whether your kitchen has a modern or more traditional style and choose a door profile that complements that well. Doors may be plain slabs for a more modern and minimalistic look, or with details like bevels or recessed portions.

The finish

A huge part of the style is how you finish your cabinet doors. Will you stain them to bring out the natural grain of the wood? Then you’ve got a huge range of hues to choose between, from lightwood to darkwood. Or you can paint or finish them with a solid color, like white, gray, or black. Think about the other colors in your kitchen, such as the floor and backsplash, to choose a complementary finish.


The handles for your cabinet doors lend a great deal to both aesthetics and function. You need easy-to-open cabinets, but this small detail can also make a big difference to the style of your cabinets. You can choose between wooden, metal, or plastic handles. Knobs, bars, or decorative handles. Or even no handles at all!

Additional features

If you’ve got room left in the budget for additional features, then you might want to think about soft-close cabinet doors, which close the final inch automatically and gently, preventing anyone from slamming doors shut. You might also choose a carousel storage shelf for inside a corner cabinet as a way to maximize space inside your cabinets. Here are some more ideas for features and accessories to consider.

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