Time to Spring Clean Your Closet

Is spring the time you vow to get your house in order? The season is all about fresh starts and new growth, so it can feel really fulfilling to and satisfying to literally start on a clean state within your home and garden. No more clutter, everything is organized, and all the surfaces sparkle.

But forget about spring cleaning the whole house for now as that can seem overwhelming. Let’s just start small and think about your closet. Here are some simple tips to help you spring clean your closet.

Make it a fun task

Cleaning out your closet can be a chore, so why not inject some fun to make sure you get it done? Blast your favorite music (or find a spring cleaning playlist), play a podcast on your headphones, or complete the job with a friend or partner so you can chat as you go.

Everything must go

The first step of spring cleaning should be to take literally everything out of your closet and dump it on your bed, floor, or wherever there’s space. This may seem excessive and difficult at first, but it will make the rest of the task easier.

Gather boxes or bags

The next step will be to organize everything, and this requires containers. The simplest yet one of the most effective methods is to have one container for things you’ll keep, one for things you’ll throw out, and another for anything you can sell or donate.

Get organizing

Now, start filling those boxes! Sort through everything and make a quick decision about which box it belongs in. Fill each of the boxes without too much thought about where the things you’ll keep are going to go for now. You can then move the trash and donation boxes out of the room so you’ve got more space to sort through the things you’ll keep.

Clean your closet

Now to actually clean your closet. Before you start putting any of your belongings back in there, you should give the floor and shelves a good vacuum and wipe down the shelves and any other surfaces. This is really going to be a clean start.


Now to fill your closet back up. Decide what’s going to live where and then put everything away tidily where it belongs. Hang clothes up or fold them neatly, organize your shoes tidily and in pairs, and decide what each drawer and shelf is going to be used for before putting things away in their rightful place. You should find that you have much more space than you did before.

If spring cleaning your closet has made you realize that you need more closet space or a better storage system inside it, then we can help you achieve this. Get in touch with The Kitchen Center for our custom closet services for homes around Winston Salem, NC.