The pros of a Murphy bed

If you have a small apartment or are looking to make your spare room a more versatile, multi-purpose space, then a Murphy bed could be a great option for you. Read on to find out more about Murphy beds and the pros and cons of installing one in your home.

What is a Murphy bed?

A Murphy bed, named after its inventor in the early 1900s, is one that folds up and down, shifting in from regular bed mode to space-saving wall mode. When you fold the bed up, it may be designed to blend in with the wall, either protruding from the wall slightly or slotting into a recess in the wall to have it completely out of the way. Alternatively, Murphy beds are often incorporated into a storage unit like a closet or entertainment center, tucking away to look like they are just part of the furniture.

The pros of a Murphy bed

The main advantage of a Murphy bed is that it saves space. During the day or while you don’t have guests over using the bed, the bed can be neatly folded away. This gives you more space to move around or space for other furniture, making it a more functional and comfortable space.

This is ideal for a spare room that you want to use as both a home office and a guest room, for example. You can store the bed while you want to work or take part in hobbies, then you can fold the bed down when someone needs it, perhaps just removing the desk chair to create more space.

In a studio apartment, a Murphy bed also grants you a little more privacy when you have guests over. You might feel a little uncomfortable having the bed you sleep in so out in the open, since a studio apartment typically has all spaces in one room. With a Murphy bed, you can fold it away when guests are coming over, creating more space as well as retaining a little privacy.

The cons of a Murphy bed

One of the downsides of a Murphy bed is the constantly having to fold it up and down. However, modern Murphy beds are fairly easy to operate, although they used to be much more cumbersome. Still, Murphy beds may not be suited to some seniors or anyone with low mobility due to the strength required to operate them.

They also may not be the most multi-functional of all your options. For example, a futon gives you additional seating when it is folded away, which can be ideal for spaces like studio apartments. A Murphy bed won’t give you this, but will give you extra space as previously discussed.

If you’re thinking of adding a Murphy bed to your home, we can help you design a custom storage system for the associated wall unit. Contact The Kitchen Center to find out more about our design and installation services in Winston Salem, NC.