The Best Storage Systems for Your Shoes

Does your storage system currently include a large pile of shoes at the bottom of your closet? It’s a common solution when people don’t know where to put their shoes or how to store them properly. But it’s definitely not a convenient problem. You probably spend too much time searching for a matching shoe and then find them dirty, dusty, and even damaged.

It’s time to upgrade from the pile of shoes and add a storage solution that provides a suitable space to hold them neatly and efficiently. Here are a few ideas…

A shoe rack

Don’t overlook the simple shoe rack. You can find shoe racks in lots of different sizes and styles to suit your closet, made from plastic, wood, or metal. Simply pair up your shoes and store them in this efficient type of shelving system. They can be open or closed depending on whether you want to see your shoes or hide them away for neatness, as well as how easily you want to be able to reach them.

Hanging shoe organizers

If you don’t have much floor space in your closet, then you can get a hanging shoe organizer instead. These can hang over your closet door or from the walls at the side or back of your closet space. These are typically a softer material like cloth so they can be folded and stored away when they’re not needed. Shoe organizers have separate boxes or pouches for storing each pair of shoes.

Repurpose a bookcase

Bookshelves are the perfect structured space for neatly lining up shoes next to each other. You can buy a bookcase or repurpose one that you no longer use anymore. Assign each shelf to a different type of shoe – e.g. sneakers, boots, heels – for even better organization.

A wire rack

If you have lots of pairs of heels to store but not a lot of space to store them in, then a wire rack could be a good solution for you. This won’t take up much depth in your closet and you can hang each pair of shoes over the wire by the heel.

Bins and boxes

There are so many ways you can use wooden or plastic boxes in your home. You can stack them any way you like, depending on the amount of space available to you and the number of shoes you need to store. If you have enough space, then you can have a box for each pair of shoes. Otherwise, you can store a few pairs in each box, ideally sorting them by type of shoe.

You can always buy a storage system to place in the bottom of your closet for storing your shoes. But if you’re looking for a shoe storage system tailored to your needs and style, then we can design a custom closet system that has everything you need. Get in touch for our services around Winston Salem and Clemmons.