Studio Apartment Space Saving Ideas

If you’re living on a budget or just like the modern and minimalist feel of studio apartments, then it helps to have some space-saving ideas to make your living space as comfortable and efficient as possible. At The Kitchen Center, we design custom storage solutions to help you make the most out of your space. If you’re moving to a studio apartment or are looking for ways to make your current apartment more spacious, then read on for some of our expert tips.

Futons and Murphy beds

A double bed can take up a lot of space in a small studio apartment, so it helps to have a bed that doubles up as something else, like a futon. Futons or sofa beds fold up into a sofa, allowing you to tidy away your bed during the day to create more seating and more room. This is ideal for when you’re having guests over.

Another option is the Murphy bed, which folds away entirely so that it blends in with the wall or becomes part of a closet or another kind of storage unit. While these don’t typically create seating in their wake, they do allow you to create a lot more space when they’re tucked away.

High beds

Another way to create more floor space is to have your bed above the floor. Loft beds are ideal for creating storage space underneath where you sleep, which you can customize as you like it. You can have a loft bed with drawers and a closet underneath, or it could be more of an open space where you could place a desk for working, or a sofa bed for seating and guests.

Another high bed option is to install a balcony or mezzanine floor to place your bed on, leaving the floor space underneath free for storage, furniture, and more.

Foldaway furniture

It’s not just Murphy beds that can fold away to create more space. You could have a dining table or breakfast bar that folds up against the wall or behind a door, and ironing boards that do the same. Being able to fold these away leaves you with more space when you’re not using them. 

Hidden storage

If you don’t have space for lots of closets and drawers, then you can incorporate your storage within other items of furniture. Beds, sofas, stools, and tables can all have space for storage underneath them. Ottoman beds, for example, lift up to reveal storage space underneath them, ideal for storing things you don’t often access. Or beds can have drawers built in underneath them for easier access to storage.

Get in touch with The Kitchen Center for more space-saving storage tips and custom-built storage systems for your studio apartment. We provide design and installation services around Winston Salem, NC.