Keep Mold Out of Your Bathroom Cabinets

Mold and the spores that cause it love warm and damp conditions. That makes your bathroom the ideal environment, especially in those small, dark corners that get little-to-no ventilation. Unfortunately, that leaves your bathroom cabinets especially at risk of developing mold and mildew. To help you avoid this potentially stinky situation, here are some tips to help you keep mold out of your bathroom cabinets.

Preventing mold from growing in your bathroom cabinets

It helps to consider the risk of mold from the beginning when remodeling your bathroom. Look for materials, paints, and finishes for your custom bathroom cabinets that help to resist moisture and mold growth.

The next step is ventilating your bathroom and cabinets. Leaving a window open or running a fan during and after a shower will help to keep moisture and humidity levels down. You can also air out your cabinets each day by leaving the doors open for a short period of time, helping to prevent the build-up of moisture.

Another tip is to clean your bathroom cabinets on a regular basis. Killing the spores that lead to mold growth will help to stop it in its tracks. At least once per month, completely empty out your bathroom cabinets and wipe down all surfaces using either a store-bought cleaner or a homemade solution such as water and vinegar. Make sure you leave the cabinets empty with the door open to properly let it dry and air out before putting everything back.

How to clean mold from your bathroom cabinets

If you’ve already found mold in your bathroom cabinets, then you can get rid of it using a commercial mold cleaner or a combination of bleach and water. Just make sure that whatever you choose is suitable to use on the surface and won’t ruin its finish. Spray the cleaning solution onto the affected area and scrub it thoroughly using a rough sponge or stiff-bristled brush.

Next, you should wipe the surface down with a damp cloth to get rid of any residue, and then dry the surface with a dry, clean cloth before leaving the cabinet to air out for a while. Sometimes, cabinets will require repeated cleanings before the mold is completely gone. Make sure the room is well-ventilated during any treatments of mold. You can check out more mold cleaning tips here.

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