Fun Storage Ideas

How often do you have to tell your kids to tidy their toys up after playing with them? Or maybe you’re always the one picking up after everyone and keeping your kids’ rooms at least reasonably tidy. Either way, it helps to have sufficient storage in your kid’s room for all of their toys, clothes, and everything else. And there are lots of ways to make it look fun and appealing, making them more likely to clean up after themselves.

Let’s look at some fun ideas for efficient storage in your child’s bedroom.

Cubby holes

Open storage makes it easy for your child to put their own things away without having to mess around with drawers or other storage containers. Plus, your child may like being able to still see their toys and belongings while they’re put away. A system of cubby holes can provide extremely versatile storage, and you can place containers in some of the holes if you do want some closed storage.

Colorful shelves or crates

Including splashes of your child’s favorite colors in their storage helps to make it look attractive in their room and can help to encourage your kids to tidy up. Make each shelf, crate, box, or other storage elements a different color to the next to create a great aesthetic. You can also use color to help them get organized, such as blue for books, red for soft toys, and green for plastic figures, for example.

A toy chest

Lots of kids dream of finding a treasure chest, whether it’s filled with gold coins or lots of fun toys and games. A toy chest can serve as their own treasure chest where they keep their favorite toys safe. You can paint the chest in different colors or with different characters to suit their interests, or make it look like an authentically worn treasure chest if they really like the pirate theme.

Storage toys

Some toys make the perfect storage themselves for keeping smaller toys and items tidied away. If your child likes playing with a dollhouse, for example, then encourage them to tidy all the furniture and people away into the house at the end of the day. They could even make a ritual of tucking their dolls into their beds just like you do for them. Lots of different toys can act as this kind of storage, like a pirate ship, a castle, or a superhero hideout.

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