Designing Your Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom vanity can make both a functional and attractive part of your bathroom, a complete space for the sink, bathroom cabinets, countertop space, and more features. If you’re planning a bathroom remodel or are adding a new vanity to your bathroom, then read on for some tips, ideas, and things to consider when designing your bathroom vanity.

Size and layout

One of the first things you should consider is the size of your bathroom and how much space is available for your bathroom vanity. Decide on where your vanity is going to be in the room and work out the measurements of the available space. You want it to be big enough to be functional but not so big as to overcrowd the space, particularly in small bathrooms.

Bathroom sink design

The size of your vanity will also help you decide on the type and size of bathroom sink you can install. If your family spends a lot of time getting ready in front of the bathroom mirror and you often have to queue up to use it, then you might consider a double sink, but only if your bathroom is big enough to accommodate a vanity of this size.

Think about the style you’re going for in your bathroom, too. A double sink can fit well in a spa-style bathroom. Other popular styles of bathroom sink include inset basins for a classic look, or countertop basins for something a little different, which can work well with both modern styles and more rustic or industrial styles.

Vanity countertops

Next up is your bathroom countertop. Natural stone countertops are popular in terms of their aesthetic appeal and resale value, but it’s important to choose a material that isn’t too porous since there is a lot of moisture in the bathroom, particularly if spills and splashes occur around the sink. Sealing your countertop can help to counteract this.

Natural stone countertops are also one of the more expensive options. If you’re looking for a more affordable countertop, then you could consider ceramic or porcelain, laminate, or solid surface.

Bathroom vanity cabinets

Storage is an important part of a bathroom vanity. It provides somewhere you can store toiletries, medication, towels, and more, making your bathroom a more functional space and helping you save space otherwise on storage, like shelves that might protrude out of the wall.

You can incorporate both cabinets and drawers underneath your bathroom vanity countertop to vary your storage. And you can have either shelved or open storage inside your bathroom cabinets. Sufficient bathroom storage helps to reduce clutter around your bathroom sink as you can store things away tidily.

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