Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget

We recently looked at some savvy ways to remodel your kitchen on a budget. Now what about when it comes to the bathroom? Some of the tips from our previous blog can help you here as well, such as remodeling at a less in-demand time of year, making the most of your contractors to get the best price on materials, and keeping the layout the way it is so you don’t have to move the plumbing for your various fixtures.

So, let’s look at some more tips to help you save money on your bathroom remodel while still getting great results.


If your bathroom tiles are looking a little old and tired, then you could spend money on replacing them entirely. However, simply regrouting your tiles and giving them a good clean could have them looking like new again. If you still like the style of your old tiles, then this is a great, low-cost option

Replace the hardware

Installing a new sink and bathroom vanity could cost you a lot. If you want to revamp this area on a budget, then you can simply install a new faucet for the sink and new cabinet hardware on your vanity to give it a new lease of life.

Use faux materials

Maybe you love the look of natural stone tiles but your budget won’t allow for it. You can find lower-cost flooring options like laminate, vinyl, and ceramic tiles to effectively recreate the look of natural stone. And materials like laminate and vinyl even produce a warmer and softer feeling underfoot compared to stone.

Refinish your bathtub

Save money on buying a brand-new bathtub by simply refinishing your old one. A worn or stained tub can be relined or refinished to make it look as good as new. This is a great option as long as your tub isn’t actually damaged. And don’t forget redoing the grouting around the tub to make it look fresher and cleaner.

Consider prefabricated

Having your own custom-designed bathroom may be the dream, but sometimes you might have to compromise in order to stay within your budget. Choosing a prefabricated shower, for example, rather than a custom one can help you save while still getting great results.

If you want more tips for designing your bathroom remodel or are looking for someone to design and install your new bathroom, then contact The Kitchen Center for our expert services around Winston Salem, NC.