What Kind of Door Should Your Closet Have?

The great thing about custom closet systems is that they can be completely personalized to suit your needs, preferences, and the space you have available. But it’s not just the space inside the closet that matters; the door to your closet also deserves some consideration. Here are a few of the most popular doorway options when it comes to designing your custom closet.

Hinge doors

The most common closet door is a regular hinge or swing door, just like most of the doors in your home. Depending on the size of your closet, you could either have single or double swinging doors. Since doors typically swing outward from your closet, you need to make sure that you have plenty of space to open the door and that nothing is placed in the way.

One of the benefits of a hinge door is that you have space on the back of the door that you can utilize for extra storage. You could install hooks or a rack to the back of your door for hanging coats or storing shoes, for example. You could also hang a full-length mirror on the back or front of the door.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are ideal for smaller rooms where there isn’t much space to open a swinging door outward. These slide to one side or the other, typically revealing part of the closet at a time. This can be a drawback as you usually can’t see your entire closet at once with a sliding door installed.

You can choose sliding doors in a variety of materials and styles. Having one or all of the sliding panels mirrored eliminates the need to hang a mirror in the room, but this can overwhelm a room, especially if it’s small.


Bi-folding doors fold in a kind of concertina pattern, so you can push the door either to one side or to both sides from the center, depending on the style of door. This requires much less space than a hinge door, although you will need a small amount of room on either side, so don’t cram your closet too full. And, unlike most sliding doors, they allow you to view the entire closet at once. There is, however, more of a risk that they could fall off their tracks and need repairing.

Open closet space

Another option is to have an open closet space without a door. This makes your belongings easier to access but can look untidy, unless you have a perfectly organized closet. It may be better suited to smaller closet spaces.

If you want a more open feeling to your storage but still want things to be kept out of sight, then you could hang a curtain rail above your open closet space, giving you the option of concealing your closet or leaving it open using a curtain.

Whatever your preference, we can help you design a custom closet system that suits you and your home. Contact The Kitchen Center to find out more.

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