Tips for Sorting Out That Junk Drawer

We all have one. A particular drawer, or maybe even a whole closet, that’s the home of all the random stuff that doesn’t really have a home. Often small items, trinkets, maybe stationery, tangled cables and wires, or occasionally useful things like spare batteries. Whatever’s in yours, it typically turns into a mess, making it difficult to find what you’re looking for when you actually need something, and generally stressing you out every time you open the drawer and see the chaos.

Closing the junk drawer and forgetting about how much of a mess it is shouldn’t be your only option. Take control of your junk drawer or closet with our organization tips.

Empty the drawer and get sorting

First, tip everything out of the drawer, crumbs and all. You need to sort through everything in there because there’s likely to be things that you don’t need at all. Decide what can be thrown out or given away in order to cut down on the clutter. Secondly, certain things may belong somewhere else in your house, or maybe you can create another ‘home’ for them if needed, such as collecting all your loose paper clips into a tub to put away with the rest of your stationery.

Add a drawer divider

For all the things that are staying in the drawer, you can organize them better with a simple drawer divider. A simple plastic insert creates segments, so you can keep things tidier and prevent them all from mixing together and getting lost in one big pile. You could even create your own dividers. With a segment for each category of items that you keep in there – the categories are up to you – it will be easier to find what you’re looking for any time you open the drawer.


You may have to teach everyone else in the house the new junk drawer system, making sure they know where everything belongs. You could even print labels for each section if it will help everyone follow the system. Organize all your remaining items back into the drawer based on this system and you’ll have a tidier drawer that’s much easier to manage.

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