Storage and Organization for Your Laundry Room

Imagine having every room in your home perfectly organized, with custom storage solutions made to fit each room. As well as looking great, this dream situation will also make your home more efficient and even relaxing. We’ve already looked at how to improve your organization and maximize storage in your pantry and your garage, now let’s turn to the laundry room.

Read on for expert storage and organization tips for your laundry room.

Include counter space

Whether you’re folding clothes and doing other chores or are simply looking for a little open storage space, a countertop can make an extremely practical addition to your laundry room. A counter can fit perfectly installed over the top of your washing machine and/or dryer. As well as storing things on the counter for functionality, you can place decorative items like small potted plants to brighten the room up.

Install hooks and rails

Space on your walls and the back of your doors can be utilized to increase the storage space in your laundry room. Installing hooks can allow you to hang clothing from them on hangers, giving you more space to air-dry clothes, or you could use them to hang things like an ironing board or clothes rack to keep these out of the way when you don’t need them. Another option for hanging clothes is to install a rail between two walls, just like in your closet.

Laundry baskets

Of course, you’re likely to need space for laundry baskets in your laundry room, making it easier to transport both clean and dirty laundry to and from the room. Depending on how many people live in your home, you may need multiple baskets, and you can use separate baskets for white, dark, and color clothes.

Storage shelves

Shelving units divided into cubby holes can be a great addition to your laundry room. If you’re using this space to store clothes, you can place them folded right on the shelves and use each section for a different type of clothing. If you’re storing other things, like detergent and cleaning supplies, then you can up your organization game by storing things in labeled baskets or bins.

Are you ready to take control of your laundry room once and for all? Or maybe you’re adding or renovating a laundry room in your house? Contact The Kitchen Center for our expert design and installation of custom storage systems for lots of rooms of the house.