Organization Mistakes to Avoid

In our past blogs, we’ve provided you with some tips to make your storage as efficiently organized as possible. So, you know what to do, but what about some of the things you definitely shouldn’t do when it comes to storage and organization in your home. Read on for some common storage mistakes that you should avoid.

Being too strict with categories

It makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for if everything is organized into its own space – a shelf for books, a drawer for arts and craft supplies, a basket for kids’ toys. But people can fall into the trap of setting too strict categories and relying on them too heavily. This can really slow down the organization process and can even make things less efficient in some cases. If you designate a drawer for paper, for example, but can only half fill it, then why not make it a stationery drawer instead with more contents?

Cramming storage too full

On the other hand, some people end of with their designated drawers or cabinets stuffed too full of things, making items more difficult to access and making it likely that things will fall out when you open a cabinet door, for example. If you have a lot of items in one category, such as arts and crafts materials, then it’s better to allocate two drawers to that category rather than cramming everything into one.

Not utilizing vertical space

We tend to think mostly of floor space when it comes to storage solutions. You place closets, chests of drawers, shelving units, and other storage systems where there is space on the floor and then fill them up by stacking items up in them. But even if you don’t have enough floor space, you could still have plenty of vertical space to make the most of. Hanging hooks on walls or the backs of closet doors is a good example of how to achieve this, or pegboards can also make a great addition to your organization.

Buying storage solutions before organizing

If you’re embarking on a big decluttering and organizing project, then you’re probably excited to get out there and buy lots of new containers or even a new closet or shelving unit. But at that point, you don’t know exactly what you need. You could end up buying too many storage items if you’re about to get rid of lots of items you no longer need. Or you might end up with storage that isn’t fit for purpose after you’ve properly organized.

Custom storage solutions are the best way to ensure that your home storage is tailored to your needs. If you need support organizing the storage better in your home, then contact The Kitchen Center for our custom closet systems, offering design and installation services across Winston Salem, NC.