Maximizing Space in A Small Closet

You might dream about huge walk-in wardrobes where there are different sections for each type of clothing, while in reality you have to put up with a small closet with minimal storage space. It’s all about working with what you’ve got, so we’ve put together some tips to help you make the most of the space in your small closet, expanding your storage space without a big remodel.

Hanging baskets

You’ve used up all the space on your shelves and in your drawers, but there’s probably still a lot of empty space in your closet that is unutilized. One way you can make the most of this space is by using hanging baskets. You could hang these on the sides or the back wall of your closet and store a variety of things in there. Or hang them from underneath your shelves to use up any extra space in between.

Wall hooks

Another good way to utilize your closet’s wall space is to install hooks that you can use to hang a variety of items. The back of the closet door can also be a useful space for hooks. This isn’t just useful for things like jackets and coats; you can also hang accessories like belts and scarfs, or hang a shoe divider to store lots of shoes efficiently.

Shelf dividers

Shelf dividers can help to improve how efficiently you store things on your shelves. You can use dividers to separate piles of shirts, jeans, and other items of clothing, for example, helping you maximize the space available. Plus, with dividers on either side of each pile, you can stack them up higher without them falling over thanks to the added support from the dividers.

Install another rail

If you like to hang a lot of your clothing, then you can upgrade your closet space by installing another rail. Where and how you do this will depend on the size and shape of your closet. If you have a long and narrow closet, then you could install a rail perpendicular to your current one. You might have space underneath your clothing to hang a second rail, or even parallel to it if your closet is deep enough.

If you do want to renovate your storage space and install a new and improved closet, then contact The Kitchen Center in Winston Salem, NC. We can help you design and install a custom closet to suit your needs, including walk-in wardrobes.

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