Hands-Free Technology for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two rooms in any house where hygiene is of the utmost importance. If your hands are dirty and covered in harmful bacteria, after handling raw meat or scrubbing the toilet, for example, then the last thing you want to do is touch a load of surfaces and spread the bacteria.

This is where smart, hands-free technology can really help you out. Let’s look at some of the different types of hands-free tech you could add to your kitchen or bathroom.

Hands-free faucets

You’ve probably used these in public places like restaurants, airports, or shopping malls, for example. Hands-free faucets have a sensor that detects movement. This allows them to automatically start running water when they detect someone’s hands being placed underneath the faucet. Once the hands are removed, the water will stop running usually after a couple of seconds.

Not only is this good for hygiene, you don’t have to spread germs to the tap to turn on the water, but also for saving water as the faucet won’t be left running. Of course, this won’t be useful when you need to fill up a bowl of water, for example, but a hands-free faucet in the bathroom can certainly be beneficial. If you want to install one in the kitchen, then it is worth installing it as an additional faucet while keeping a regular one as well.

Automatic soap dispensers

Automatic soap dispensers have a similar benefit to the hands-free faucet – you can dispense soap into your hands without having to touch anything, preventing the spread of bacteria. This is a low-cost way to improve hygiene levels in both your kitchen and bathroom.

Smart home assistant

A smart home assistant, like Alexa or Google Home, can answer your questions and perform actions by responding to voice commands. This can help you in a number of ways. Say you’re following an online recipe. You’d usually have to keep going back to your phone or laptop, scrolling down or clicking to see the next steps. If you have sticky fingers or have been handling raw meat, then this is not ideal.

With a smart assistant, you can just ask it to read out the next steps for you, so you don’t have to touch anything. The same can be helpful if you’re cleaning the kitchen or bathroom and are following online tricks. Or maybe you’re dying your hair over the bathroom sink and don’t want to contaminate your phone to check the instructions or rewind a video that you’re following online.

If you’re planning bathroom and/or kitchen remodeling, then smart, hands-free technology could be the perfect addition. Contact The Kitchen Center for assistance with planning your remodel and designing your dream kitchen or bathroom in and around Clemmons, NC.

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