Get Inspiration for Your Kitchen Remodel Online

The internet is full of great resources to get your creative juices flowing. Not all of us can come up with brilliant design ideas, but we can go online and borrow ideas from others. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel and have found yourself stuck for ideas, then here are some great sources of inspiration you can find online.


Pinterest is a wonderland for creativity and inspiration. You can use it in two main ways – uploading original content and saving content uploaded by others. The latter is the perfect way to brainstorm for your kitchen remodel. All you do is create a new board and you can pin photos and links uploaded by others to that board.

You could create a separate board for different elements of the room, such as one for lighting, countertops, kitchen cabinets, and more. You’d then browse the site, searching for keywords related to your project and pin any ideas you like to the relevant board. You’ve then got an overview of all the ideas and inspirational content you saved.


The Houzz website and app is filled with photos and great content that will give you ideas, answer your questions, and help solve design dilemmas. You can search their photo library and filter by various factors, such as budget, style, layout, and cabinet style. You can also save photos to Ideabooks to keep that inspiration at hand.

Augmented reality design apps

You can get a lot of inspiration from seeing photos of other people’s kitchens, but you might find it difficult to really imagine how a certain element will look in your kitchen. This is where augmented reality technology can help. With an AR app on your smartphone, you can select an element the app will overlay a computer-generated image of it over your room in real-time.

This helps you visualize how your room could look with a certain paint color or appliance in it. You can also use AR apps to take measurements so you can determine whether a certain appliance or piece of furniture will fit where you want it. With AR apps created by interior design companies or furniture stores, like IKEA, you can also buy products directly through the app once you’ve assessed what will look good in your home.

Here are some handy AR apps designed for home renovations:

Are you ready to get inspired? Go online today to get ideas for your next big project. Collect your best ideas and then contact The Kitchen Center once you’re ready to design and install your custom kitchen in Winston Salem, NC.

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