All About Feng Shui

If you’re renovating or redecorating your home, or even just rearranging your furniture, then you might find it difficult to decide where everything should go for the best layout of a space. You’ve probably heard of feng shui before, and this is something that you might want to consider when deciding on this layout of a room or your entire home.

What is feng shui?

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice or philosophy, translating to wind and water. This is thought to be because these elements are associated with good health in China, and that’s essentially what feng shui is about at a basic level; arranging your surroundings in a way that balances the energy (or qi) in the space and promotes good health as a result.

The general principle is that energy flows between us and our surroundings, so objects in our environment can be positioned in a way that facilitates this natural flow of energy. The right arrangement can, in theory, support the good health and fortune of the people inhabiting those spaces.

Feng shui principles to consider in your home design

So, which principles of feng shui should you consider when designing your home or rearranging the layout of a room? Ideas that feng shui’s principles are based on include yin and yang, balancing the five natural elements, and a notion called Bagua. Together, these principles help to guide what kind of décor or furniture should be placed in each section of the room, and how they should be positioned.

You can find out more about the principle of Bagua, but for now, here are some simple guidelines you can follow in your interior design:

  • The largest piece of furniture, such as the bed or couch, should face the door and be placed against a wall
  • Avoid too many harsh angles, should as square or rectangular tables with sharp edges and corners
  • Natural light is a priority, but sheer window coverings or even houseplants are good for in front of windows to prevent energy from escaping
  • Keep clutter to a minimum as this can block energy and reduce the calming feeling of a space
  • Colors matter – adding elements of red can invigorate a room while lighter greens and blues can be calming

Whether feng shui is a priority or not, The Kitchen Center can help you design your interiors as well as custom storage solutions for your home. Contact us to find out more about our design and installation services for the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms of the house.