A Quick Guide to Upcycling

Have you got an old piece of furniture lying around that’s past its best or simply doesn’t quite spark joy anymore? Instead of just throwing it out, why not consider upcycling? This is also a good idea if you find cheap furniture for sale online or if you take on something a neighbor is planning on throwing out.

Read on to find out exactly what upcycling is and how you can do it.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling involves refurbishing old materials or objects to give them new life; either turning them into something new or simply improving the quality or appearance of an object. You can upcycle something as simple as an old plank of wood or a plastic bottle, to larger pieces such as an old, worn dresser. Upcycling furniture is certainly a trendy practice these days.

Pros and cons of upcycling

The main benefit of upcycling and the reason it’s becoming more popular is that it reduces waste. Instead of throwing something out when it no longer serves its purpose, repurpose it so that it serves a new purpose or can be appreciated again. It’s like taking recycling into your own hands.

Another benefit is that you have something unique at the end of it. You might take a mass-produced piece of furniture that lots of people have owned, and use your creativity to turn it into something new and different, something that suits you and that only you own. The process and seeing what you’ve made at the end can also be incredibly satisfying.

So, are there any cons? Of course, you have to consider the time it will take to upcycle a piece of furniture or something else. Simply going out and buying something new will obviously be quicker and easier, but you get so many benefits from committing the time to upcycle something. You also have to consider the skills and materials required to produce something great.

What to upcycle for your home?

So many pieces of furniture could be viable for upcycling to add some individuality to your home. Sofas or chairs could be refinished, for example, and there are lots of ways you can upcycle your storage, too. You can take an old dresser, wardrobe, or shelving unit and refinish, refurbish, or redesign it to create something new. Or you could take less conventional items like a set of ladders and refinish those to serve as an interesting set of shelves.

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